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RADAR Movement Niagara

Hello everyone!

I am an immigrant to Canada, and so, I understand your journey. New people, new smells, new sights. I also know the struggle to adapt and adjust in a new country. It can be very difficult! To come to a new place - to a room you rented from halfway across the world - that is empty. Maybe there is bed, maybe a lamp, but more than likely - it is you standing in that room with your two suitcases, alone, and scared.


The mission for RADAR Movement Niagara is simple. Provide a positive and stress-free experience from landing in Toronto, to arriving at your new home in the Niagara Region. 

We want to make you feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible. Your on our radar.


We offer two main services: transportation and landing packages. Click here to learn more.

See you at the airport, or in the Niagara Region!

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